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Kelly’s Story

Those of you who attended our 2018 fundraiser in October heard about Kelly Mrowinski, a wonderful friend of Eric, Josh, and the whole von Schaumburg family. Kelly’s life was tragically taken earlier this year by the Wailuku River while in Hawaii as a traveling nurse. Kelly was a wonderful person who always had a smile on her face. Her infectious laughter, adventurous spirit, and always-positive attitude left a resounding impact on everyone who was lucky enough to have known her. Kelly’s legacy will live on for eternity!

Below is an overview, from Kelly’s family, of why each of the following organizations are close to Kelly’s heart:

  1. Christmas donations for families in need (in partnership with and vetted by the Village of Schaumburg): Kelly loved Christmas.  She would labor over decisions on the perfect gift.  She was downright giddy wrapping presents with Bob and I every year.  She loved getting together with family and friends. It was absolutely her favorite time of year. She truly knew how lucky and fortunate she was.  In her memory, we want to give to families less fortunate at Christmas so their children will be afforded the same joy that she felt in this season.

  2. Daniel Sayre Foundation: The Big Island fire departments in Hawaii are truly underserved.  To add to that, 2018 has been a year full of natural disasters that has greatly impacted an already weak budget.  Kilauea erupting first followed by Hurricane Lane which dumped over 52 inches of rain on Hilo. When Kelly went missing the firehouse in Hilo jumped into action.  The Hawaii County Fire Department spent 8 days risking their lives diving in swift waters to look for Kelly. Divers were assembled from Hilo and Kona to search. These men never gave up.  They felt a real kinship to Kelly. Many of these men were close to her age. They knew she was a nurse and served their community as they did. Typically after 3 days of searching they have to halt their efforts.   These men kept going for 8 days. They were truly committed to finding her.

Much of the training and equipment they use for swift water rescue is donated to the department by the Sayre Foundation.  Without the bravery of these men and the equipment that they had at hand, we would have never found Kelly. Her story is not the only one.  Lives are saved every year by the Sayre Foundation. Many are documented in these videos. Truly an inspiring and worthy cause. Click here to learn more.

3. PAWS: Kelly had a love for all animals but especially her dogs.   Over the years we have had frogs, fish, lizards, a hamster and a chinchilla and I am sure I am forgetting a few species.  But without question, Kelly’s dogs were her first love. So many dogs need homes and medical attention and giving that back to this organization is an amazing way to honor Kelly’s memory.

Thank you all in advance for helping support the legacy of our dear friend whose life was taken far too soon. We will continue to support all causes she has inspired, but more importantly, the way she lived her life will encourage and motivate us all to laugh just a little bit more and worry less. Her memory will live on in our hearts forever.

How to donate

If there is a particular cause listed above to which you would like to specifically donate, please write the name of the organization in the memo of your donation. If there is no organization name provided in your donation, funds will be distributed across all 3.

1) PayPal: PayPal payment to “”

a) Go to and login to to your PayPal account.
b) Click "Send Money" on the top banner.
c) In the “To (Email or mobile phone)” box, enter “”.
d) Enter the amount you wish to donate in the “Amount” box.
e) Under "What are you sending money for?", click the "I'm sending money to family or friends" button. If possible, use your PayPal balance or bank account to avoid paying a transaction fee.
f) Follow the prompts to complete your payment.

2) Zelle / Chase QuickPay: If you have a Chase account or use any bank that supports Zelle, you can send your payments to the dedicated bank account created for donations in support of Kelly. Please send donations to the email address “”.

3) Check: You can also mail a check made out to Liz Mrowinski (Memo: Donations for Kelly) to:

719 S Salem Ct
Schaumburg, IL 60193

4) Venmo Payment: You can submit your venmo payment to username “donationsforkelly”

5) Credit card: Click the Donate button below to donate via your credit card