On behalf of the Von Schaumburg Family, we would like to take this time to thank all those wonderful people who put their heart and soul into making our fundraiser, “A Night to Fight:  3rd Annual Barn Benefit,” a huge success.  All those who graciously volunteered their time - our family, friends, neighbors, and the Mesirow team - we are so very grateful for your hard work and dedication.

The donated items (over 150 this year) for the silent auction/raffle, whether they were from a company or individual person, were so much more than we could have imagined, and we cannot thank you enough.  All the sports tickets, concert packages,  trips to Florida, Hawaii and the Mayan Palace Resort, sports memorabilia, beautiful baskets,  restaurant & store gift cards, individual and business donations, salon packages, golf packages, extensive wine collections,  and so many more items were the highlight of the event and what helped to make it so successful.  And last but certainly not least, the cockapoo puppy who the Musto Family donates yearly.  We cannot thank them enough for driving in from New Jersey, puppy in tow, for every fundraiser to show their love and support for Eric.

A huge thank you to OLD TOWN PIZZA in Schaumburg for donating 75 pizzas to feed the attendees.  Keep them in mind when you get a pizza craving...they have awesome food and are very special people.  Also thanks so much to Joe Atamian and his talent agency, PARADIGM, who every year coordinates with so many people in the music industry to donate to our fundraiser.  His hard work, time and dedication has raised so much money for Eric and “Fight Like A Champion” and we are so very grateful.  We would also like to thank Tammy Graeme, Marcia Long, and the Victoria Crossing neighbors, all our incredible friends, and our wonderful families who are ALWAYS there for us anytime day or night and work so hard to make this fundraiser such a success year after year.  

Once again, Danny Miller did an excellent job emceeing the event and Elliott at Artbeat Live gave another amazing performance.  A shout out to Tim Long for organizing all of the buses, and a special thanks to the entire tech team who helped the check-in and silent auction process go smoothly!  A very special thank you to Maureen Flood and her team at Mesirow Financial for their time, generosity and most importantly love and support.  They donated so many amazing items and worked endlessly throughout the night all to help Eric in his fight with ALS.  He is very fortunate to be working with this exceptional group of people!  

The funds raised by a phenomenal group of individuals will go towards Eric’s medical trust fund, as well as ALS TDI’s Precision Medicine Program.  Eric recently began an experimental drug called WF-10, for which we are very hopeful.  The drug costs nearly $25,000 a year, and without your annual support, Eric would be unable to pursue such an expensive treatment.  The funds will also be used to pursue any other experimental treatments that may slow or reverse disease progression, as well as better afford any uncovered devices/equipment or home care he may need in the future.  

Although the money raised was extraordinary, the emotional support and camaraderie was equally important.  It was truly a remarkable feat, one that involved all our family, friends and the community, hundreds of people coming together for one special night - to support Eric in his “Night to Fight Like a Champion.”   

Most importantly we want to thank those who traveled near and far to be a part of this event!!  All the love, support, kindness and generosity we have received from everyone will forever live in our hearts.  Our 4th Annual Barn Benefit is planned for September 2016. We are looking forward to seeing all of you again as we continue Eric’s fight with ALS and remain E-strong!!
Love and Blessings to All,
The Von Schaumburg Family